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How it works

Choose a subscription plan and let us do all the thinking, or pick and choose exactly what meals you want and when. Order by Sunday 10PM for the delivery on the following weekend.

Subscription plan

Subscription plan

Perfect for busy and active individuals!

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Weekly Meals

Weekly Meals

Perfect for those with changing schedules and cravings

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Just a few easy steps

  • Choose how many meals you would like to order

  • Pick your meals from 
our weekly menu

  • We deliver your meals directly to your home 
on sundays

  • Meals are fresh and ready to eat, just heat them up!

  • Subscribe, pause or cancel at any time

Life-shaping nutrition

From targeted fitness based meal plans, to incredible gourmet meals for busy professionals, we bring you focused nutrition to your door, and you closer to your health and wellness goals, each day.

Served fresh and crafted with a farm-to-plate ethos that puts the planet first, we’re helping you take a considered step towards a healthier future, one meal at a time.

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A few of our delicious meals

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"With Lumi, I know the calories I am getting, I know the produce is fresh and where possible locally sourced, it takes all of 2 minutes to heat & it's delicious!”

- Jen, mum of three kids