Our goal is to create healthy meals without compromising taste. We know that sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle long term can be challenging. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to choose it every day. Our customer service and quality of our meals has seen us grow dramatically over the past 2 years as our clients continue to come back for more. We are always asking for feedback and are always looking at ways to improve our meals and service.


Your Healthy Gourmet was born out of a busy lifestyle that so many Aucklanders now live.We believe in the sustainability of lifestyle changes rather than diets. Our vision is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive. We aim to make our meals taste good whilst making you feel good.


The founder of Your Healthy Gourmet Nargis grew up in a family full of chefs where you learned how to cook before being able to walk. As a chef in Norway Nargis started culinary competitions at a young age and has won multiple awards throughout her time.

Once her first child was born she decided to step away from the chef scene and moved to Spain to complete her International Marketing degree. Her now kiwi husband was fortune enough to meet her while she was studying overseas, and once she completed her degree, she moved to France where he was working at the time. Not long after that she had another two children, and while being a stay at home mum, she discovered her passion for fitness and got a personal trainer qualification.

As Nargis moved to New Zealand in 2017, she wanted to try something different within her fitness regime and joined F45. But going back to a full time job, as well as being a mum of three young children she struggled keeping up with cooking healthy and nutritious meals every day, especially the ones that were recommended by the gym. Realizing she was not the only one finding it hard to fit it all in into a busy lifestyle, she suggested to do the meal prep at her local gym. Within couple of weeks she had people from several other gyms placing orders, and a couple of months later the demand was so high that Nargis was no longer able to cook out of her home kitchen and Your Healthy Gourmet was born!

She now works out of a commercial kitchen and has an amazing team of nine that are constantly working hard to create fresh, healthy and delicious meals for all our clients. The menu changes every single week and has an international touch to it, and it offers everything from Avocado Chocolate Mousse to Salmon Poke Bowl.

Nargis’ goal is to show that healthy eating can be enjoyable, exciting and ongoing and with using Your Healthy Gourmet, also very convenient.